Legal Disclosures

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Legal Disclosures

Legal Disclosures

B. Riley Capital Management, (“BRCM” or the “Firm”), is an SEC registered investment advisor and a wholly owned subsidiary of B. Riley Financial, Inc. (NASDAQ: RILY). Complete information about BRCM’s capabilities and disclosures can be found at:

This website is not an offer to, or solicitation of, any potential clients or investors for the provision by BRCM, advisory or any other related services. No material listed on this website is or should be construed as investment advice, nor is anything on this website an offer to sell, or a solicitation of an offer to buy, any security or other instrument.

Any recommendation contained in any email may not be suitable for all investors. Although the information contained herein has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable, its accuracy and completeness cannot be guaranteed. BRCM, funds under its management or its affiliates, may have positions or provide services to the issuer of the securities mentioned herein (or options with respect thereto). In addition, employees of BRCM may have positions and effect transactions in the securities or options of the issuers mentioned herein and may serve as directors of such issuers.

The performance contained in any email is intended for informational purposes only, and does not constitute advice or an offer, solicitation or endorsement with respect to BRCM or the funds under its management, or for any investment strategy or vehicle. No representation is being made that an investor will or is likely to achieve performance similar to the results depicted. The performance information above may not be indicative of future results. BRCM may not be held liable for any errors or omissions on the information provided.

As a provider of services that involve compiling personal and sometimes, sensitive information, protecting the confidentiality of that information has been, and will continue to be, a top priority for B. Riley Capital Management, LLC (“BRCM”). BRCM generally collects and uses information about clients in order to deliver quality service to them and to comply with legal and regulatory requirements. Confidential information that BRCM receives from clients on subscription agreements, account opening documentation and/or other forms, may include, but is not limited to, the client’s name, address, telephone number, occupation, social security number or tax identification number, and information pertaining to the client’s financial status (i.e. net worth, annual income, etc.).

Other than as required or permitted by law, BRCM will not disclose our clients’ nonpublic personal information except to any unaffiliated third parties unless BRCM has previously informed the client in agreements, has provided disclosure to the client (with the opportunity to “opt-out”), or has otherwise been authorized by the client.

In the ordinary course of business, BRCM may share information pertaining to a client’s account with our affiliates servicing the account, non-affiliated third parties that perform various services for us related to a client’s account, such as clearing firms, custodians, fund administrators, auditors and attorneys, and other non-affiliated third parties as required or permitted by law, such as regulatory bodies. Access to client information within BRCM will be limited to those employees and affiliated entities who are involved in offering or administering client accounts. We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards that comply with federal standards to guard client nonpublic information.

If you reside in California, you can make the following requests with respect to your personal information:

  • Access – You can request that we disclose to you the categories of personal information collected about you, the categories of sources from which the personal information is collected, the categories of personal information sold (if applicable) or disclosed, the business or commercial purpose for collecting and selling (if applicable) the personal information, the categories of third parties with whom we share the personal information, and/or the specific pieces of personal information collected about you over the past 12 months.
  • Deletion – You can request that we delete your personal information that we maintain about you, subject to certain exceptions.
  • Opt-out – For purposes of this privacy policy, “sell” means the sale, rental, release, disclosure, dissemination, availability, transfer, or other oral, written, or electronic communication of your personal information to an outside party for monetary or other valuable consideration. Based on our understanding of California law, we do not sell your personal information, so we do not offer the opt-out right.

We will not discriminate against you because you made any of these requests. California residents can make these requests by emailing us at or by calling us toll-free (866) 263-4867. We may deny certain requests, or fulfill a request only in part, based on our legal rights and obligations. For example, we may retain personal information as permitted by law, such as for tax or other record keeping purposes, to maintain an active account, and to process transactions and facilitate customer requests. We will take reasonable steps to verify your identity prior to responding to your requests.  The verification steps will vary depending on the sensitivity of the personal information and whether you have an account with us. California residents may designate an authorized agent to make a request on their behalf.  When submitting the request, please ensure the authorized agent is identified as an authorized agent. For purposes of these requests, please note the following regarding how we collect and use your personal information as described in this policy:

  • We collect and use the following categories of personal information as set forth in the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018: identifiers; personal information categories listed in Cal. Civ. Code § 1798.80(e); commercial information; internet or other electronic network activity information; and professional or employment-related information.
  • We collect these categories of personal information from you, your devices, publicly available sources, our affiliates, our service providers, and our business partners.
  • We use these categories of personal information for our business and commercial purposes described above of this Policy.
  • We disclose these categories of personal information to our affiliates, service providers, business and advertising partners, law enforcement, and potential acquirers of our business, as described above in this policy.

BRCM recognizes its operational dependency on computer systems, networks, database services, Internet, e-mail, telephone and fax services, electrical power and other essential items and the potential loss of revenue and operational control that may occur in the event of a disaster. BRCM has authorized the preparation, implementation and maintenance of this comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plan. The intent of this Plan is to provide a written and tested plan directing officers and employees to take certain actions in the event of an interruption in continuous services resulting from an unplanned or unexpected disaster.

This Disaster Recovery Plan is designed to recover from the “worst case” destruction of BRCM’s operating environment. The “worst case” destruction assumes the loss of the total facility, supporting infrastructures (e.g., power grids, telephone switching centers, microwave towers, and cell and wireless transmission sites near the location of BRCM), and the incapacity of key personnel. BRCM has created disaster recovery procedures which describes BRCM’s overall approach to disaster preparation and recovery. They are designed to minimize loss and ensure the continuity of the critical business functions of BRCM in the event of a disaster.

For more information about BRCM’s Disaster Recovery Plan, please contact

Information is an asset. The Firm has a duty and responsibility to protect. The confidentiality, integrity and availability of complete and accurate information is essential to the Firm functioning in an efficient manner and providing products and services to clients. The Firm holds and processes confidential and personal information on private individuals, employees, partners and suppliers, and information relating to its own operations. In processing information, the Firm has a responsibility to safeguard information and prevent its misuse.

The purpose and objective of the Information Security Policy is to set out a framework for the protection of the Firm’s information assets:

  • to protect the firm’s information from threats, whether internal or external, deliberate or accidental,
  • to enable secure information sharing,
  • to encourage consistent and professional use of information,
  • to ensure that everyone is clear about their roles in using and protecting information,
  • to ensure business continuity and minimize business damage,
  • to protect the firm from legal liability and the inappropriate use of information.

The Information Security Policy covers the following areas:

  • Information Security Risk Management
  • Information Classification and Handling
  • Access Control
  • Password Policy
  • Hosted Services Security
  • Network Security
  • Server Security
  • Application Security
  • Database Security
  • Endpoint Security
  • Security Patching
  • Cryptographic Controls
  • Incident Response Management
  • Compliance
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