Great American GroupAssociate WriterWoodland Hills

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Great American Group – Associate Writer – Woodland Hills

Great American Group – Associate Writer – Woodland Hills

We are seeking a full-time Associate Writer to work within a project team to write and proofread an appraisal report, which includes an overview of the appraised company and its industry, a discussion of key financial and business trends, and an analysis of key appraisal factors.

Duties of this position include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Produces three to five appraisal reports each month
  2. Writes all sections of the final report to include Key Financial Trends, Company and Industry Overviews, Valuation Methodology & Strategy, and Key Risk Factors and Collateral Monitoring
  3. Conglomerates independent research and company-provided information into a structured, concise analysis
  4. Reviews and incorporates field visit reports and project leader notes from on-site visits
  5. Researches market conditions for in-depth and thorough industry overviews
  6. Keeps informed with newsworthy information relevant to deals
  7. Researches industry trends and assists in the writing of Industry Monitors
  8. Reviews and edits writing to ensure quality
  9. Utilizes Project Manager+ (PM+) daily to track deal information and hours worked per deal per GA guidelines
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