Real Estate

Delivering Tailored, Highly Sophisticated Real Estate Solutions 

Our cross-disciplinary team offers deep industry and investment expertise to deliver tailored real estate solutions to public and private companies in times of growth, through mergers or acquisitions, disruption, or distress. We offer a full suite of services and a team of seasoned experts to help clients create value and mitigate losses while guiding the development and execution of their real estate strategy.

We cover all real estate asset types including multifamily, industrial, retail, office, single family rental, hotels, self storage, and specialized sub-sectors including ski resorts, parking assets, etc. We also cover the real estate finance and homebuilding sectors.

Real Estate Investment Banking:

  • We assist both public and private companies in their capital raising needs. Capital raising solutions include traditional IPOs, Joint Venture Capital, At-the-Market Offerings and Equity Follow-ons, Preferred Equity, Debt and Convertible Offerings.
  • We advise on Mergers and Acquisitions and provide Fairness Opinions.

Real Estate Advisory Solutions:

  • Traditional Real Estate Brokerage
  • Sale/Leaseback Transactions
  • Lease Restructuring Advisory
  • Bankruptcy and Restructuring Advisory
  • Valuation Services, including Formal Appraisals
  • Selective Principal Investment and Bridge Loans

Featured Transactions

These examples from B. Riley Securities, inclusive of legacy FocalPoint Partners, are provided for illustrative purposes only and there are no guarantees that any of the strategies or offering types cited will be successful in the future. Each offering type is highly dependent on a variety of factors including, but not limited to: the type of offering; the manner in which the transaction is marketed; the sector into which the underlying company belongs; the depth and breadth the market or market sector, the offering price and general financial conditions. Information provided does not represent a recommendation, solicitation or offer to buy or sell any security.