Institutional Brokerage


Our institutional equity sales and trading professionals communicate investment recommendations and share our proprietary equity research products to a broad base of long-standing institutional client relationships. We execute trades on behalf of our issuer and unwritten clients, focused on timely trade execution and high-quality distribution.


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Our cross-asset sales and trading team specializes in event-driven, distressed and special situation investments across a range of asset classes spanning equity and fixed income securities. Our team efficiently leverages resources across the B. Riley platform to deliver cross-asset trading services to hedge funds, direct lenders, diversified asset managers and family offices.

Fixed Income

Our team works alongside investment banking and capital markets to provide primary and secondary market investment solutions to address issues such as yield enhancement, cash flow optimization, market risk and interest rate volatility, and markets new issues to our vast network of fixed income investors.

Securities Lending

We engage in securities-based lending involving the borrowing and lending of equity and fixed income securities to assist clients in meeting near-term liquidity needs.