2023 Tax Document Checklist

It's time to get your tax documents in order. As you gather your important tax documents, you can refer to this handy checklist of required documents from our B. Riley Wealth Tax Services professionals.

  • Verify full names, Social Security numbers and dates of birth of all dependents who are included on your return.
  • Bank information for direct deposit and direct debit, including routing and account numbers and type of account.
  • Copies of all forms of income, including jury duty, rental income, gambling, hobby, alimony and expenses associated, if applicable.
  • Cost basis information for any stocks, bonds or mutual funds that were sold during the year.
  • Purchase date and total investment in any property you bought or sold. Be sure to include any HUD closing forms.
  • Copy of unemployment income form 1099G which must be downloaded from the State website.
  • Income and expense records for work you performed and personal businesses you owned and 1099 NEC forms you received.
  • Information concerning foreign accounts and foreign investments.
  • Information concerning virtual currency or cryptocurrency accounts.
  • Records of contributions you made to IRAs or other retirement accounts.
  • Form 1098E for student loan interest and form 1098T for education expenses paid.
  • Amounts paid for Health Insurance, Long Term Care Insurance, Doctors, Dentists, Hospitals, Prescriptions drugs etc.
  • Mortgage interest form 1098, amounts paid for real estate taxes and personal property taxes.
  • Amounts paid to houses of worship and other charitable organizations, including non-cash charitable donations.
  • Details of estimated taxes paid to IRS and state entities, if any.
  • Details of dependent care expenses for children under 13.
  • 1099-SA and 5498-SA for Health Savings Accounts.

For New York Returns Only:

  • Employment-related expenses, including dues, travel, publications, tools, uniform costs and cleaning, etc.
  • Job search expenses and unemployment income, if applicable.
  • Costs related to your investments, including fees, investment publications, advisory fees.
  • Did you contribute to any deductible NYS 529 Plans?

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