Fee-Based Accounts 

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Investors today are facing an increasingly complicated and volatile marketplace. With a seemingly endless number of investment products and solutions available, the task of managing your wealth can easily become overwhelming even for the most earnest and knowledgeable person, especially investors with unique needs and special situations.

That's why B. Riley Wealth offers access to several professionally-managed investment programs and unique advisory services.

The WISDM model portfolios

WISDM is our exclusive offering of actively managed portfolios created and administered by our talented in-house Investment Solutions team. Choose from among 24 available model allocations composed of mutual funds and ETFS, with strategies ranging from income to aggressive growth.

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Wrap Fee and Separately Managed Account Programs

For some investors, having a portfolio managed for an annual fee based on assets under management is more beneficial than a commission or fee-based account. Instead of paying individual transaction, administrative and commission fees, a wrap fee account gives you the option of a set, flat fee. Not only convenient, wrap fee accounts may allow your financial advisor to bundle services like retirement and non-retirement accounts, financial advice and brokerage services, and streamline your account.

For separately managed accounts, your B. Riley Wealth financial advisor can help you evaluate and select from a large array of professional managers to actively manage a portion or all of your portfolio.