B. Riley Wealth Management’s Commitment to Your Transition

Unparalleled personalized attention in preparation for your move will set the tone for your ongoing experience with B. Riley Wealth Management.

Our transition support, led by your dedicated transition manager, involves full accountability that permeates throughout our entire organization. Our proven planning process is a focused effort that begins weeks before your arrival and continues during and well after you join the firm, touching every aspect of transitioning your practice, from operations to compliance, technology and marketing to human resources.

Here are a few highlights of the support you can expect:

  • Broker Protocol - Gain a clear understanding of the information you may take and what to be aware of to avoid a costly violation of protocol.
  • Detailed Analysis of Your Book - A thorough review of all account types, positions, products, cash movements and more, is critical to a smooth transition.
  • Client Communication - Plan how, when and where you will share the news of your move with the advance support of our experienced marketing team.
  • Day 1 - Quickly and efficiently launch your transition backed by knowledgeable staff ready to assist with account opening, ACATs, systems training and more.
  • B. Riley Platform - Understand and leverage the expansive resources of your new firm.

Meet Your Dedicated Transition Manager

"The decision to transition is certainly a huge commitment for you, your team and your clients. I understand the magnitude of your decision and will guide you through every aspect of your transition. Think of me as an extension of your team! " Doreen Thompson, Transition Manager, Senior Vice President

Doreen has more than 30+ years of brokerage experience working at both regional and wirehouse firms. She has personally managed over 160+ successful financial advisor transitions.

The B. Riley Wealth Management Experience

B. Riley Wealth Management is a boutique firm with large firm capabilities and a platform built to provide direct access to B. Riley Financial's sophisticated products and services. Our core philosophy is our commitment to providing growth and value for our financial advisors and their clients. B. Riley Wealth Management offers unparalleled client service, engagement with key decision makers, and access to a broad array of financial resources and solutions that your clients demand and deserve.

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