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How To Opt-In For Electronic Delivery of Documents

B. Riley Wealth Management offers clients the option of receiving certain communications from us electronically rather than by mail.

By participating in Global Consent, certain disclosure communications originating from B. Riley Wealth Management, such as our annual privacy policy, will be sent directly to your email inbox in a more timely and environmentally friendly way.

You will need to provide your consent to receive these communications electronically, so we have partnered with SignNow, a well-known and secure platform, to facilitate this process. Note that separate consents are required for each B. Riley Wealth Management account registered with a different primary social security or Tax ID number.

To opt in for Electronic Delivery:

If you prefer to submit your instructions in hard copy, contact your B. Riley Wealth Financial Advisor to request a written form. We thank you for considering this request to receive documents electronically. If you have questions about Global Consent authorization, please contact your B. Riley Wealth Financial Advisor.