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Thomas Scotti

Managing Director
Field Examination Services


With over three decades of finance experience, Thomas Scotti leads the Field Exam team within B. Riley Advisory Services. As the Managing Director, his proven leadership in due diligence, capital raising, mergers and acquisitions, structuring and risk management have played an integral part in the due diligence and loan structuring among an array of industry sectors including chemical processing, construction, automotive, oil & gas, plastics, transportation, media, foundries & forging, pulp & paper, distribution, consumer products, specialty finance, e-commerce and retailing.

Previously, Scotti served as the Executive Director for Hilco Global where he led due diligence efforts on over 100 companies while advising clients on loan structuring and risk mitigation, initiating loans and other capital solutions. As the Managing Director for Consensus Advisors, Scotti developed solutions ranging from raising equity and debt capital, to providing due diligence and valuation services to public companies, private equity and lenders.

The former Principal and President of Gordon Brothers Group's Appraisal division successfully completed over 2,500 asset valuations on approximately 1,000 companies, both domestic and international. His expertise led to the expansion of product sets that now include industrial inventory, machinery and equipment and intangible asset valuation. Scotti's previous experience with Bank of America Retail Group (previously Fleet Retail Finance) encompassed directing due diligence, collateral monitoring, and loan accounting associated with the management of a high-risk commercial loan portfolio. There he managed over 225 separate due diligence reviews and personally conducted over 65 while leading the firm's substantial growth in relationships and loan commitments.

Scotti received his Bachelor of Arts from Columbia College and Columbia University and his Master of Business Administration from Columbia University's Graduate School of Business. He is Series 79 certified by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and a member of the Secured Finance Network (SFNET).

Presented at industry Global Credit Services and the International Housewares Association CHESS conference

•Published in Turnaround Management Association's Journal for Corporate Renewal and SFNET's The Secured Lender

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