Retail Solutions


Creating customized solutions in an evolving marketplace

While the industry has faced challenges in the form of store closures and dwindling mall traffic, there has been a paradigm shift in how sales are generated. The advent of omni-channel has become a reality in the retail industry, providing customers with multiple avenues to shop. Industry players are capitalizing on this by connecting with customers regularly via social media, email, targeted marketing, and various other tactics.

Moreover, retail stores are improving the customer experience both in physical stores and online by offering shop-in-shop formats, innovative dressing room features, in-store events, and enhanced online features such as live chats and virtual dressing rooms. These offerings have helped the industry cultivate loyal customer bases and boost sales.

Having a comprehensive understanding of how market factors influence inventory and risk is critical for success in the retail industry. With several decades of experience, we possess the ability to discern market trends, accurately evaluate inventory, and provide guidance to our clients amid the ever-changing landscape.

The retail industry is known for volatility and with many disruptive forces in a constantly evolving marketplace, retailers often are faced with expanding or contracting footprints. Whether closing or opening new stores, choosing the right partner can significantly impact a business.

We are a leading provider of retail liquidation services and have completed some of the largest projects in the industry. Our team has four decades of experience helping clients liquidate and realize immediate returns from excess inventories and underperforming assets. We take the time to understand a client's business, whether that involves reducing seasonal inventories, liquidating the assets of a single location or overseeing the closure of an entire chain of stores.

We can fulfill clients' total retail disposition needs with an unwavering commitment to quality service and successful results, and can also:

  • Provide immediate cash payments for inventory, fixtures and other fixed assets
  • Guarantee recovery results and back them with extensive lines of credit
  • Create a superior operating plan that treats employees and customers with respect
  • Assume financial responsibility for operating expenses
  • Plan, implement and supervise turnkey programs to meet specified objectives
  • Design and execute effective advertising and marketing programs to attract customers
  • Formulate and implement proprietary systems that track daily sales, margins and expenses
  • Help retailers to devise customized exit plans

Global Presence

Our international team, which spans across North America, Europe (GA Europe) and Australia (GA Australia), is comprised of dedicated professionals who understand how to leverage the balance sheet to develop creative deal structures and maximize return on investment. In addition to our retail expertise, we also offer synergies across the B. Riley platform, including expertise in valuation and real estate. Clients rely on us to transform and liquidate assets both quickly and efficiently.

Notable Retail Clients