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Developing a fully informed plan to assist in managing the complex tax landscape

Tax minimization strategies often require valuations that meet specific criteria and can withstand scrutiny from internal and external auditors, regulators and taxing authorities. Having a full understanding of the impact of asset valuation is vital to the success of any tax planning strategy. We have the knowledge, experience and relationships to help you develop a fully informed plan to assist in managing the complex tax landscape and understanding how taxation authorities will view your strategy.

Our team works with hundreds of companies and conducts thousands of onsite visits each year in order to determine businesses' true property values. Our clients rely on our expertise and deep knowledge of their industry, business and property to provide effective valuation and advisory solutions to support their tax minimization strategies.

Property Tax Valuation & Advisory

Property tax laws differ from state to state and often vary by local jurisdiction, which makes keeping up with changes to property tax law an onerous task. In addition, many companies assume that one of their largest annual operating costs - property taxes, are fixed and unchangeable.

Yet, property taxes are based on the values of tangible assets and we often see assessed valuations that do not reflect current market trends. We have experience bringing valuation and jurisdictional knowledge to an assessment problem and achieving the desired outcome - reduced property taxes.

We accomplish client objectives through a strategic, effective process, which includes:

  • Property tax valuation - valuation and testimony to support tax positions and protests
  • Personal property tax consulting - assessment review and strategy assistance, which may include return and appeal filing and property tax audit support
  • Real property tax advisory - assessment review to identify opportunities for cost reduction, such as quantifying obsolescence, duplication of real and personal property, clerical errors and lack of equity


B. Riley Advisory Services has the specialized expertise needed to help eligible clients capitalize on the utility sales tax exemption. Our utility tax specialists manage the entire exemption process for the client, from qualification to refund. The specialists perform the required utility study, collect all relevant documentation to support the exemption claim, communicate with state agencies and utility providers, and ensure the client is fully refunded all overpaid sales tax and properly setup for the exemption on future utility purchases.

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Deferred Compensation

Since a private company's stock prices are not public, proper 409A valuations are critical to avoid tax liabilities and penalties, both to the company as well as to the employees receiving the benefit. Without a 409A valuation, the company is responsible for defending its stock valuation. An accurate 409A valuation is essential for a company to ensure compliance with all federal tax laws, as well as to mitigate risk of litigation and audits.

By working closely with the "Big Four" accounting and auditing firms, as well as local regional firms, our team has a comprehensive understanding and can adapt to changing audit requirements and valuation best practices. Our team's strong accounting background ensures we provide accurate, audit-defensible reports for your valuation, protecting your company and allowing you to focus on what's important.