Advisory Services

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Bringing Clarity to
Complex Business Challenges

We provide specialty financial advisory services and solutions to complex business problems and board-level agenda items. Our advisory platform is comprised of an unprecedented assemblage of capabilities and an experienced team with the deep industry knowledge and specialization to serve as a trusted partner at any stage of a company's business life cycle. We are a leading provider of valuation and appraisal services for asset-based lending applications. In addition, our team applies a unique mix of skill sets to address top-level, non-typical business challenges, such as planning and executing a major acquisition or divestiture, pursuing a fraud investigation or corporate litigation, or managing through a business crisis or bankruptcy.

Executive Leadership

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Michael Marchlik

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Ian Ratner

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John Bankert

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Alan Barbee

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Tom Buck

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Paul Dopp

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Carol L. Fox

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Ronald Glass

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Kip Hamilton

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Samuel Hewitt

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Jim Howard

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J. Michael Issa

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Alicia Masse

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Marc Musitano

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Gary Olsen

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Richard Peil

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Antonio Pereira

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Tom Santoro

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Mark Shapiro

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Bill Soncini

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Michael Spindler

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Wayne P. Weitz

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Derek Woo

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Chad Yutka