Leadership Team

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Seasoned Professionals Across All Sectors and Industries

B. Riley Financial's leadership team is comprised of seasoned professionals, all with 20+ years of experience in the same or related fields, and are recognized leaders in their respective areas of expertise. Our senior leaders are united by one mission to leverage the firm's collective capabilities and expertise to maximize client and shareholder value.

B. Riley Financial 

Bryant Riley headshot

Bryant Riley

Tom Kelleher headshot

Tom Kelleher

Kenny Young headshot

Kenny Young

Dan Shribman headshot

Dan Shribman

Jon Merriman headshot

Jon Merriman

Phillip Ahn headshot

Phillip Ahn

Alan Forman headshot

Alan Forman

Advisory Services

Michael Marchlik headshot

Michael Marchlik

Ian Ratner headshot

Ian Ratner

John Bankert headshot

John Bankert

Alan Barbee headshot

Alan Barbee

Tom Buck headshot

Tom Buck

Dan Berman headshot

Dan Berman

Scott Corzine headshot

Scott Corzine

Paul Dopp headshot

Paul Dopp

Carol L. Fox headshot

Carol L. Fox

Ronald Glass headshot

Ronald Glass

Kip Hamilton headshot

Kip Hamilton

Samuel Hewitt headshot

Samuel Hewitt

Jim Howard headshot

Jim Howard

Duane Lohn headshot

Duane Lohn

J. Michael Issa headshot

J. Michael Issa

Alicia Masse headshot

Alicia Masse

Gaston Mauvezin headshot

Gaston Mauvezin

Marc Musitano headshot

Marc Musitano

Gary Olsen headshot

Gary Olsen

Richard Peil headshot

Richard Peil

Antonio Pereira headshot

Antonio Pereira

Daniel Ruskin headshot

Daniel Ruskin

Tom Santoro headshot

Tom Santoro

Mark Shapiro headshot

Mark Shapiro

Bill Soncini headshot

Bill Soncini

Michael Spindler headshot

Michael Spindler

Marc Spizzirri headshot

Marc Spizzirri

Don Weathers headshot

Don Weathers

Wayne P. Weitz headshot

Wayne P. Weitz

Derek Woo headshot

Derek Woo

Chad Yutka headshot

Chad Yutka

Investment Banking & Capital Markets

Andy Moore headshot

Andy Moore

Jimmy Baker headshot

Jimmy Baker

Perry Mandarino headshot

Perry Mandarino

Patrice McNicoll headshot

Patrice McNicoll

Craig A. Ellis headshot

Craig A. Ellis

Mike Crawford headshot

Mike Crawford

Eric Rajewski headshot

Eric Rajewski

Dan Ondeck headshot

Dan Ondeck

Knut Grevle headshot

Knut Grevle

Michael Markunas headshot

Michael Markunas

Mike McCoy headshot

Mike McCoy

Dawn Farrell headshot

Dawn Farrell

Principal Investments

Kenny Young headshot

Kenny Young

Ananth Veluppillai headshot

Ananth Veluppillai

Nick Capuano headshot

Nick Capuano

Dan Shribman headshot

Dan Shribman

Real Estate

Michael Jerbich headshot

Michael Jerbich

Jim Terrell headshot

Jim Terrell

Peter Lynch headshot

Peter Lynch

Al Lieberman headshot

Al Lieberman

Retail Solutions

Scott Carpenter headshot

Scott Carpenter

Bill Nichols headshot

Bill Nichols

Steve Smith headshot

Steve Smith

James Lew headshot

James Lew

Mike Miller headshot

Mike Miller

Marina Fineman headshot

Marina Fineman

Matt Gins headshot

Matt Gins

Venture Capital

Todd Sims headshot

Todd Sims

Corporate Services

Howard Weitzman headshot

Howard Weitzman

Nancy Feeney headshot

Nancy Feeney

Tim Wood headshot

Tim Wood

Michael Biener headshot

Michael Biener

Aaron Goodwin headshot

Aaron Goodwin

Gary Chase headshot

Gary Chase

Jen Arnett headshot

Jen Arnett