Machinery & Equipment

M&E appraisal reports with the highest standards for quality, accuracy and industry insight

Our advisory group has the largest concentration of machinery and equipment (M&E) appraisers under one roof, all capable of originating and perfecting a detailed list of assets in any manufacturing environment imaginable. Our team is comprised of senior appraisers, certified through ASA and/or AMEA, with a proven track record of providing accurate M&E valuations for all types of equipment, including heavy mobile equipment, metalworking equipment, plastics processing equipment, oil and gas equipment and more. We objectively assess a hard-asset's value by examining the unique characteristics of each piece and how it contributes to the overall asset pool. In addition, we examine all fixed-asset listings, including original costs and net book values, and invoices for capital expenditures, while comparing them to current market values.

Knowing the value of M&E is crucial to properly quantify and qualify assets that may be used as collateral. Additionally, lenders often require an M&E appraisal as part of a loan's underwriting process. B. Riley provides appraisal services for the top 20 conventional lenders and leading private equity groups. The appraisal team can assist the client to most effectively structure the term loan by delivering reports that are meticulously reviewed by ASA-accredited senior appraisers with over 300 years combined experience. By understanding the true value of a company's M&E, the lender can determine an appropriate loan structure to minimize risk. Whether the client is providing or seeking financing, we can help secure accurate value and deliver the solution that is needed to move forward.


We regularly issue Monitors and Infographics that cover the latest industry trends and market variables that shape transactions.