Bankruptcy Restructuring

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Given the complex and multi-faceted nature of bankruptcy restructuring projects, it is critical to have a partner that not only helps to navigate the process, but also delivers optimal results through efficient and effective execution. Our bankruptcy team forms an integrated partnership with our clients and their advisors, engaging early in the planning process to craft a comprehensive real estate plan that leverages our services during the bankruptcy restructuring process. Following through to re-emergence, our team works seamlessly with all project stakeholders to execute on the real estate plan and deliver strong results with a focus on securing the most productive go-forward real estate portfolio for our clients.

We offer the depth of experience and a proven track record that makes our team a nationally recognized real estate restructuring partner. In recent years, our leadership team has managed some the largest and most complex U.S. retail bankruptcies including, WorldCom, Sears, Borders, Blockbuster and JC Penney.

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