Detail Focused For the Highest Return

As bankruptcy auction professionals, we secure the highest price in the shortest time. Our process, reputation and ability to leverage media guarantees our clients will achieve the highest return. We treat our clients' real estate as if it were our own, focusing on every detail and putting in the utmost effort to unlock a property's true value.

Our diverse team of seasoned auction experts:

  • Understands re-development and alternative uses of the asset, and its respective value in the market
  • Sells all types of real estate through an expedited auction process nationwide
  • Maintains a state-of-the-art database of tens of thousands of buyers and sellers readily available to help our clients find the perfect match
  • Achieves optimal market price in the shortest possible time

Our team also utilizes capital to:

  • Advance marketing expenses for trustees and receivers
  • Create liquidity against the real estate to allow an orderly auction process

For more information, please contact:

Michael Jerbich
(312) 894-7621

Al Lieberman
(312) 984-7622

Jim Terrell
(815) 355-0880