Sale-Leaseback Transactions 

A Partner to Navigate and Optimize the Sale-Leaseback Process

A sale-leaseback transaction offers numerous benefits for a company looking to monetize the fair market value of an existing asset portfolio while retaining operational control. It can be an effective solution to efficiently raise capital to address financing maturities, immediate investment capital needs, or to simply better position the business.

To ensure aggressive pricing, we work in partnership with the client company to craft a detailed investor pitch, including development of a company profile that contains financial projections and a thorough review of the go-forward business plan. Additionally, our team completes comprehensive property and market diligence to account for property quality and market desirability/cap rate considerations. Finally, we work together with the company to craft go-to-market lease terms that deliver sustainable operations long-term while providing necessary capital in the short-term.

Sale-Leaseback Advantages:

  • Offset merger & acquisition investment cost
  • Unlock capital to drive company growth
  • Decrease company cost of capital
  • De-lever the company balance sheet
  • Realize untapped real estate asset value
  • Maintain control of property and expenses

For more information, please contact:

Michael Jerbich
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Al Lieberman
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Jim Terrell
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