Providing Institutional-Grade Support and Services to Automotive Clients

To thrive in the ever-changing automotive landscape, a comprehensive understanding of market factors' impact on inventory, machinery and equipment values, intellectual property, and risk is essential. Leveraging our decades of experience, the B. Riley Advisory Services team excels at identifying market trends, precisely evaluating inventory, and providing guidance to our clients as they navigate the dynamic automotive industry.

What sets us apart is our team's unique background, which includes professionals in the Detroit and Ontario areas who have firsthand experience as dealership owners, managers, and principals. This deep understanding of the automotive industry, from both wholesale and retail perspectives, serves as the foundation of our top-notch service, ensuring our clients receive unparalleled support in this rapidly evolving sector.

B. Riley's experience in both the wholesale and retail side of the automotive business includes managing, financing, structuring, and buying and selling auto dealerships. Penetrating, in-depth industry knowledge is the foundation of our service.

Our automotive specialists are part of a national award-winning firm. With offices all over the continental U.S., B. Riley is able to provide unmatched support and leverage institutional-grade capabilities, including access to the capital markets and more than 100 skilled professionals with diverse skill sets to address any issue our clients have.

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