Automotive Supply Chain & Manufacturing Services

Driving Successful Solutions to OEMs and Suppliers

Automotive Supply Chain & Manufacturing Services

Our Automotive Supply Chain & Manufacturing team has led over 150 automotive engagements, driving successful solutions to clients. We help OEMs and suppliers manage their supply bases, implement restructuring initiatives, evaluate acquisitions and divestitures, understand key trends, and manage challenging dispute matters. As automotive and manufacturing companies continue to face critical strategic and financial decisions driven by progressive technological innovation, regulatory changes and an evolving competitive landscape, partnering with a team of experienced advisors with extensive professional networks can make all the difference.

Dispute Resolution

Our professionals apply their financial and business expertise in supporting clients and counsel in dispute, mediation, arbitration and litigation matters. The B. Riley team is highly skilled at quickly understanding complex business issues, gathering the necessary information, developing the analytical framework in support of a client's interests, and providing the expert testimony to support those interests.

Restructuring & Turnaround Advisory

Restructuring & Turnaround Advisory

B. Riley is well versed in bringing all constituents involved in a turnaround together toward a shared path, a critical skill in navigating through the realities of restructuring. Our professionals have advised debtors and creditors on hundreds of out-of-court and in-court restructurings across multiple industries. Our team helps develop and negotiate solutions amongst key constituents. We achieve this by understanding and swiftly analyzing operations, financial performance, capital structure, liquidity, contractual obligations, and key relationships.

Strategic Advisory

When events don't go as planned, the B. Riley team is highly skilled at quickly understanding complex business issues, gathering the necessary information, developing the analytical framework in support of a client's interests, and providing the expert testimony to support those interests.

Automotive Supply & Risk Management

Supply Risk Management

Our team possesses a rich background in protecting supply bases from risks magnified by just-in-time delivery and single-source purchasing. Services span proactive reviews assigning financial health to companies to complete financial and operational support during supply crises.

Automotive Supply Chain & Manufacturing Team Leader

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Phillip Ahn

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Dan Shribman

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Ian Ratner

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Ronald Glass

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Andy Moore

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Jimmy Baker

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Mike McCoy

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Dawn Farrell

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Perry Mandarino

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Patrice McNicoll

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Mike Crawford

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Craig A. Ellis

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Eric Rajewski

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Dan Ondeck

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Knut Grevle

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Adam Alexander

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Alan Barbee

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Paul Dopp

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Carol L. Fox

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Kip Hamilton

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Samuel Hewitt

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Jim Howard

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J. Michael Issa

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Mark Shapiro

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Michael Spindler

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Thomas Santoro

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Wayne P. Weitz

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Richard Waks

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Selin Wold

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Michael Guzman

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Mance Edmondson

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Alex Rygiel

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Michael Reidway

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Kara Anderson

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Josh Nichols

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Raj Sharma

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Sarkis Sherbetchyan

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Marc Wiesenberger

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Aman Gulani

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Paul Dietrich

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Neil Axler

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Michael McConnell

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Ernie Dahlman

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Michael Cavanagh

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Jonathan Mitchell

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Melissa Woodson

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Matt Feinberg

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Craig Krinbring

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Chobun Hieblinger

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Patrick Hanniford

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Michael Lowell

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Salomon Kamalodine

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Michael McHugh

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Joe Nardini

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Ryan Bernath

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Matt Spain

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Larry Goldsmith

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Gideon Rosenbaum

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Ted Hirshfield

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Igor Belov

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Adam Rosen

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Eric Rosiak

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Albert Alexander

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Jolene Glasser

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Jo Anne McCusker

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Human Resources

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Tim Wood

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Michael Biener

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Aaron Goodwin

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Pete Wyke

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Howard Weitzman

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Gordon Heidacker

Automotive Sector Group Head

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Richard Peil

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Michael Presto

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Bryant Riley


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Kennedy White

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Pam Samuels

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Dan Berman

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Scott Corzine

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Ross Hickman

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Alicia Masse

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Antonio Pereira

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Angela Smith

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Brad Smith

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Brent King

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Daniel Korczyk

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Eric Lange

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Adam Hurst

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Austin Bandoian

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Greg Eidson

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Tess Wolff

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Todd Beresin

Managing Director

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Christina Reynolds

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Jack Jupin

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Andy Moore

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Jin Wang

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Joseph Pegnia

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Jonathan Eargle

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Chuck Hastings

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Duane Lohn

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Bryant Riley

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Chad Yutka, ASA

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Jennie Kim

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Akilah Moore

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Ryan Mulcunry

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David Seiden

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Stephen Shelton

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Bill Soncini

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Michael Adair, ASA

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Gregg Johnson

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Dan Daitchman, ASA

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Thomas Popovic

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Kristi Faherty, USPAP

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Bill O'Brien, USPAP

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David Triompo

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Joel M. Goldsmith, ASA, CSA

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Michael Petruski

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Marc Musitano

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Daniel Ruskin

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Scott Whitbread

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Tom Kelleher

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Gary Olsen

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Wayne P. Weitz

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Scott Van Meter

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Philip Zanone

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Jeanne Aulbach

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Craig Pirtle

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Marshall Glade

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Matt Barberich

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Michael Marchlik

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Mike McGovern

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Janet Pritchard

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Steven Braithwaite

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Kenny Otrakoun

Managing Director

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Mark Jenkins

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Steven Walker

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Shevi Smith

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Seth R. Freeman

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Ryan Gustafsen

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Piotr Luc

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Nancy Colah

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Michael Thatcher

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Michael Proctor

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Michael Fuqua

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Steve Bonnema

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Margaret Watkins

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Corey Gooch

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Jennifer Posten

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Joel Murovitz

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Jonathan Vukanovich

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Jonathan Wernick

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Kenny Young

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Josh Kreisman

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Dan Shribman

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Jon Merriman

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Alan Forman

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Karyn Kalita

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Kelley Gastineau

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Jen Arnett

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Joseph Aber

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Judah Dominguez

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Laura Clemente

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Daniel Uitti

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Irene Byela

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Michael Markunas

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Gaston Mauvezin

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Tom Buck

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Eric Lee

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Marc Spizzirri

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Wen Tan

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Ashley Peal

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Aaron Goodwin, CISSP

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Jennifer Copeland

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Tim Wood

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Nancy Feeney

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Michael Biener

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Gary Chase

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Bernadette Lombardo

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Susan M. Smith

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Bill Hughes

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Chris Meadors

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Clay Busker

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Craig Jacobson

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Cyrus Sharp

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Teresa Licamara

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George Demos

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Michael Jerbich

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Todd Sims

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Jim Terrell

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Peter Lynch

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Al Lieberman, CPA

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Coral Hansen

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Tanya Anderson

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David Greenblatt

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Greg Coppola

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Jim Fox

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William Buckley

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Steve Gilmer

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Jane Fincher

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Kelly Graham

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Lisa Marcelli

Sub-Committee Advisor

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Victoria Piccirillo


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Lynn Sperandeo

Sub-Committee Chair

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Martin Bernstein

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Jose Cestero

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Dana Coffaro


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Matt Gins

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Marina Fineman

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Mike Miller

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James Lew

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Steve Smith

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Billy Nichols

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Scott Carpenter

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Perry Mandarino

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Craig A. Ellis

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Ananth Veluppillai

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Nick Capuano

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Mike Crawford

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Dawn Farrell

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Mike McCoy

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Knut Grevle

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Dan Ondeck

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Eric Rajewski

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William E. Cook, ASA

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Tracy Foohey, USPAP

Associate Director

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Stephanie Hindsman

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Celine Hur

Sales & Marketing Support Manager

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Chad Salsbery

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Peter Tufo

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Sam Pakthajothi

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J.D. Kearney

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Ryan Lutz

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Mitch Roschelle

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John Bankert, USPAP

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Jeffrey R. Truitt

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Nick Disimile



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Dan Kraft

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Benjamin Kehler

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Kevin Olson

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Toni Yang


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John Sordillo

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Dave Bookbinder, ASA, CEIV

Managing Director

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Quinn Shearer, ASA


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Eric Mazur

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Phu Nguyen

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Henry Stueber

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Wayne Wilson

Managing Director

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Michael De Laval

Paul Brooks

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Becky O'Malley

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Faryl Freeman


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Meredith Alfred

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Jasdev Singh

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Erik Seiersen

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Kenny Young

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Dan Shribman

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Brandon Lee

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David Kirk

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Brian Keith

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Tim Sullivan

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Bob Hamill

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Alex McLellan

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James Robertson

Jennifer Hardcastle

Jennifer Hardcastle, CFP

Sub-Committee Chair

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Nicolas Chandler

Emily Eisenhauer Freling

Emily Eisenhauer Freling, CDFA

Sub-Committee Chair

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Simon Eickmann

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Enrique Rivera