paul brown

Paul Brown

Senior Vice President

Areas of Expertise

  • Asset Disposition
  • Retail Solutions
  • Wholesale & Industrial Solutions


  • American University


Paul Brown serves as Senior Vice President of B. Riley Wholesale and Industrial Solutions. Paul has experience in the industry with global sales managed in the hundreds of millions of dollars and has served as team leader on many of the firm's landmark transactions, most notably Coateshire (Australia), Rio Tinto (Globally), 3M, DC Solar, and AMS. He has sold many plants as going concerns including the sale of AMS Oxnard to Haas Inc., one of California's largest metal fabrication concerns. His experience in the printing sector has led to many engagements for the firm including the record setting Geon sale in Australia which was the largest commercial printing & binding equipment auction in the history of the country.

Throughout his 26-year career in the industry, he has performed liquidation sales for many of the worlds most respected companies including, British Airways, Boeing, GE, Lockheed Martin, Chrysler, Ford, Delphi, The US Department of Defense, as well as performed important valuation work for some of the largest banks in the world. As a Director at Dovebid, he sourced and managed many of the firms' largest auctions and liquidations including a 7-plant, 3-country 60 million-dollar recovery for ADC Telecommunications which was one of the largest single revenue transactions in firm history and became the subject of a corporate seminar for new recruits to the firm.

Paul is sought after for his extensive knowledge of all types of industrial machinery and inventories by lending institutions, private equity firms and manufacturing companies. A graduate of American University in Washington D.C. with a BA in History, he has been active in both the MDNA, TMA, CFA and Industrial Auctioneers Association.

B. Riley Retail Solutions is a leading provider of asset disposition and large-scale retail liquidations, and efficiently leverages its retail industry expertise to deploy resources to assist companies, lenders, capital providers, private equity investors and professional services firms in maximizing the value of their assets. B. Riley Retail Solutions formerly operated under Great American Group, LLC.